Monday, November 29, 2010

Busy busy busy

Having FR test... TEST AGAIN... Agh... For the pass few weeks, life is full with tons of assignments and tests... One come after another.. Is like so hard to get a breathing spaces.. >.<

Luckily, there is something which I can relax with after the FR test.. SIFE Orientation Day. Preparing and thinking of the hints for the station take me a whole night and i slept for 3 hours a day before the activity..

Games, sweating, hot suns, laughter, jokes and teamwork..... This is what I missed since the last orientation I joined during diploma. All the committees, SIFERS and helpers were having fun and great time, I am sure the bond will make all of us stronger and closer as a family.

Last but not least, Sunday was my shopping date with my housemates.. ^^ After hours of hunting from shop to shop, I managed to buy 1 long sleeves and 1 sling beg.. (Tired + legs pain) Although this two cost me few hundreds but the most important things is I am satisfied with my stuffie. It is so hard to find something which I like.. * Proud of myself

That is all for now... Starting my busy and hectic college life again... AXP assignment... * disappointment + crying... Can someone help me to do it, plssssss???

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Last week was busy with FM and preparation for my 1st SIFE activity... I bet this activity gonna be so fun and interesting... BUT BUT BUT... I can't attend as a participant... *tears drop

Went for a DISC talk last Fri... Normally a talk is usually boring and lame but not this... SERIOUSLY, those didn't attend really miss it...

Mr Allen, a nice and funny speaker... The way he present and talk was so interesting...

D - Dominance
I - Influence
S - Steadiness
C - Conscientiousness

We played a game which will group us as 1 of 4 above criteria and.......

I am D campur C star.. ^^

Without second thought, I signed up for the real talk which will held on 11 Dec..
Can't wait for that day... MUAHAHAHA

Gonna learn about DISC communication... Yeepeeee..

Monday, November 15, 2010

FM the killer

For the past few days, my life is just full with FM...

Friday FM test... Next tues FM presentation.. Next fri FM assignment dateline... I guess i should have married to FM instead.. *Try to make myself feel better....


Everyone is busying with FM assignment.. Buka Facebook and what I can see is related to discussion...

Arghh... I gotta get mine done asap and divorce you....... *hopeless

Sunday, November 14, 2010

36 hours A DAY ???

Went for Axp today, Tzong Meng updated me about our Elitexus project... Seems like a big fundraising going to be held soon..

Hmm, maybe we gonna have a side visit to our targeted school next week... So can't wait for it... *anxious... WOO WOO..

But, time is so tak cukup... Arghhh.

Week 8 Gotta pass up FM assignment...
Week 9 FR test and SIFE...
Week 10 AXP assignment...

Someone or anyone, out there? Willing to lend me your time?? *eye blinking

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Finally, it is time to revive YOU...

After a good piece advise from a friend, decided to blog again.. ^^ Should I thanks you, Jayne?

Having such an interesting college life recently and somehow I gotta find a way to remember it??

Blog blog blog, there will be more from me....

* Excited + Crazy?? *

Monday, September 28, 2009





I m serious. HAHA mean nothing to u n nothing to me.


a reply in msn:

>so serious?



***cant even make myself laugh***






明知道我喜欢你,你却这样欺负我。 嗨。 T.T

“Time will prove everything”



Monday, June 23, 2008

HULK movie+Gurney Drive (19-06-08)

After Hulk movie showing on the cinema d, we planned to watch it together as it is mean a lot to us. We went to HUgo's house to gather 1st before we went to gurney. Luckily all of us were puncture and all arrived according to the time. 25 ppl shown up and we went there separately in five cars.

I met Kai Fern n her friend at GSC there. I was a bit blur when saw her because she looks different. hahax.. Bcum more mature jor.

Our movie start at 7pm, and we all were excited bout it.
The movie was nice and enjoying. We were a bit shocked s several scenes in the movie were same as our drama. Hahax. After 2 hours in the cinema, the movie ended. It was meaningful and we all were delighted.
We went to Gurney Drive to have our dinner. A geng of 25 ppl want to find a place to be sited is quite hard. Luckily there is 4 unsit table and we joined them up. I ordered ice soya bean and Laksa while the others order their own. Some of my friends ordered wrong stall s they were not from Penang because Penangist will know which stall to order from.. hahax..
What m I wondering??
After eating, our photographic section started. We are photo-holic as the photo was keep on shooting. After awhile, we moved to the seaside to have a walk and chatting.

Though just now we have taken a lot of photos, but it is not enough for us. At there, we stil taking our photos. Pose and another pose is display an the camera keep on shooting. Damn freaking crazy s we spent nearly one and a half hour on taking photos. This is the 1st time, I taking photos for such long..
Upsad + Happy??? Acting lk L..(sucking our thumb)
We are flying!!!
In a straight line...
Acting cute......
How many hands do I have???
Mie n Carol
Jinn n Mie
At 11.30pm, we went back. That day meaningful as after orientation, all of us were still in contact and hav fun together. Thanks, guys.. U all are always the best.

Beach paty

Have been awhile since i write my last blog. So now is an updated to what I m doing in recently.

After my orientation, there is a beach party been held at the beach behind crown jewel hotel. So our group have gathered and planned to went there together.

We didn't join other group as they all going have bbq at the beach. For our group, we planned eat at somewhere else before attend the party. We went to have our dinner at FACES, near gurney there. Hahax. Around 20 ppl show up and we were making a lot of noice at there. The waitress was also confused n dizzy s it is too noisy n too many order to be taken. Hahax. I felt sorry to her.. hahax.
After that, we drove to the beach and park at resident area near the beach. But there were some ppl that were blood sucker trying to collect money for every car n bike that park at there. Damm they are very daring as they collect RM 4 per car that park there. loLx.

There was a lot of ppl at the beach s all the group from SBS filled up the beach. Our group didn't join in the activity that was organized because we have our plans. hahax. We played a few game among ourselves before we start throwing ppl in the water. hahax. Our 1st prey was Doreamon, s he is the main actor in our champion drama. Sorry to u Doreamon. Onion was throwed in too but he was unfortunate as he was bitten by jelly fish. loL. So we hav to treat him by using a special way. hahax. Damm that was embarrassing and funny when we treated him. hahax.
Eventually we all when back around 12am. Everyone in our group was thrown in the water and no one has exception. hahax..